This visual art project is a photography-based celebration of Canine Adoption and Rescue League (CARL.) Each year CARL volunteers, and the local businesses that support them, rescue and find foster and forever homes, one dog at a time. This site dovetails with the official CARL website, and is made possible through the generous donation of SmugMug. In my biographical picture is my photography muse: Toby Dog. I invite you to check back weekly for updates.

Here is the link to CARL website:

CARL is also on Facebook:

Here is the link to SmugMug website.

More CARL dog adoption success stories:

Petfinder's profiles of adoptable CARL dogs at bottom of this page.

Links reviewed 11/1/10. Except for the Toby pictures, feel free to save photos on this site for your personal enjoyment on to your computer. Copyright 2010.